Medium Split Elk Antler Chew for 20-40 lb Dogs

Our premium antler chews are sourced from naturally shed wild elk. 

  • One Medium Split Grade A elk antler chew, L = 4-8 inches for 20-40 lb dogs
  • Split antler bone for hours of content chewing. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • A natural alternative to processed chews. Feel good knowing your pet is getting nature’s best!
  • Split chews provide direct access to the delicious inner marrow 
  • Split chews are softer and easier to chew and make an irresistible treat for any dog
  • Each piece is hand-cut and carefully sanded to remove any sharp edges that may harm your pet
  • Supervise your pet during use. Remove if chew is worn to a size that presents a choking hazard.

Best. Chew. Ever.

Sustainable and humane: Every year, elk naturally shed their antlers with no harm to the animal. They grow a new set every summer in a highly sustainable cycle. High in nutrition, antlers are packed with healthy minerals your dog needs, like calcium, potassium, iron and zinc.

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