Blemish Minimus Adventure Leash

  • Annual Blemish Sale! Limited stock available.

    For the adventurers who aren't concerned with looks, we have a few factory blemished leashes for sale at deep discounts. All leashes are completely functional and safe to use. The blemishes are purely cosmetic. The majority are missing logo labels or have crooked labels. You can choose the pattern and are guaranteed a fully functional, adventure ready leash. Beyond that, you get what you get.

    *All sales on these leashes are final.

    Minimus is the perfect balance of weight and control. We designed this leash with the quintessential minimalist in mind. Featuring a soft and stylish polyester handle and optional traffic handle, Minimus is ready for any pup on any adventure. Kloudline leashes are hand spliced in Salt Lake City. Comes in 4 foot or 6 Foot lengths.


Minimus gives you the freedom to get out and explore without being weighed down by a bulky traditional leash. Time to go wild, just unhook and stash it in your pocket. Great news, you no longer need that leash scarf you've been wearing around...

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