Minimus Leash Aloha

  • Minimus is the perfect balance of weight and control. We designed this leash with the quintessential minimalist in mind. Featuring a soft and stylish polyester handle and optional traffic handle, Minimus is ready for any pup on any adventure. Kloudline leashes are hand spliced in Salt Lake City and finished with a DMM XSRE 4KN carabiner. Weighing only 8 grams, this is the lightest 4KN carabiner on the market. Comes in 4 foot or 6 Foot lengths.


Minimus gives you the freedom to get out and explore without being weighed down by a bulky traditional leash. Time to go wild, just unhook and stash it in your pocket. Great news, you no longer need that leash scarf you've been wearing around...

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