Minimus Leash Southwest

  • Minimus is the perfect balance of weight and control. We designed this leash with the quintessential minimalist in mind. Featuring a soft and stylish polyester handle and optional traffic handle, Minimus is ready for any pup on any adventure. Kloudline leashes are hand spliced in Salt Lake City and finished with a DMM XSRE 4KN carabiner. Weighing only 8 grams, this is the lightest 4KN carabiner on the market. Comes in 4 foot or 6 Foot lengths.


7/64 Dyneema®

Soft Polyester Handle

Optional Traffic Handle

DMM XSRE 4KN Carabiner

4 Foot or 6 Foot Length

DMM XSRE Carabiner

The XSRE carabiner is set for stardom. Small but mighty, easy on the eye and full of attitude this small racking element is the full package. This is the lightest and smallest 4KN rated carabiner on the market. Hot forged I-Beam body provides the backbone of this super strong featherweight. The keylock nose aids rope piercing and reduces the chance of snagging. This is the most useful high performance accessory carabiner on the market with hundreds of potential applications. You can’t help but want one.

4kn Rating

Compact size

Keylock nose

Plain gate

Oval shape

Low weight - weighing 8.1g

Dimensions - 57mm x 33mm

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